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The Proud, Positive, Powerful Blue Dot Difference

We Build Camaraderie

No one should be made to feel isolated by his or her non-right-wing views. When Dots spot other Dots—especially in the reddest parts of the country—we realize ours is not a lone voice in the wilderness. The more Dots we see, the more we feel strengthened, heartened--and ready to kick it up a notch at the polls.

We Start Conversation

We don’t start arguments. Every person whose curiosity is piqued by the non-confrontational symbol and those of us who display it, is a potential person with whom to have a sane conversation. And we believe that healthy civil discourse in grocery store, school, synagogue or church parking lots can be the best way to start bringing others in our communities around.

We Make Contributions

Since our beginning in 2006, a portion of our online sales has always been donated to national Democratic causes and presidential candidates. For 2012, the contributions are going to Obama for America. Some individuals may not feel their small donations can help. But banding together with others when Dot purchases are made gives a little more power to us all.

And of course, by offering substantial discounts to progressive groups and organizations for use as promotional material and fundraising, we try to give back at the local level, too.

It’s easy. Order your Dots. Start making a difference NOW!

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