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DISCOUNTS for Progressive Candidates, Clubs and Organizations

Progressive goups and organizations across the country have found that Bright Blue Dots are a great way to reinforce camaraderie—and they make VERY popular fundraising items! As a way of giving back, the following discounts are available for Blue Dot stickers when purchased for fundraising and promotion:


21-99 Stickers             $1.88 ea.      (25% off)

100-299 Stickers         $1.50 ea.      (40% off)

300+ Stickers              $1.25 ea.      (50% off!)

700+ Stickers              $  .90 ea.       (64% off)



Powerful VIDEOS for Social Media

Bright Blue Dots has professionally produced social media “spots” on topics of particular importance to red-state progressives. These are still available on YouTube and you are encouraged to SHARE THEM OFTEN to help get the important word out during this critical election season. Meanwhile, please know that we intend to continue to create these as we can, to help get important progressive messages out to red-state voters.














      "G.O.Peed On" (It's not pleasant)                                                  GOP & Women                                        


IMPORTANT NOTE: These spots can be modified for commercial TV airing for a small fee. A Birmingham, AL-based Democratic organization partnered with individuals and BBD to pay for airing them at election time. According to officials, they worked to great affect.


To discuss, please contact us: brbldot@gmail.com


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