AMERICA HAS NEVER BEEN PERFECT. But we've made it our goal to "form a more perfect union." Not that very long ago, (4 years or so, maybe?) some leaders may have had dark hearts, but they tried to at least  appear as though they didn't. Citizens demanded that people— and leaders—at least publicly act with decency. And with respect toward each other and the offices they might hold. Being openly racist, lying without restraint or shame, mocking the disabled, using the People's house and military for personal gain would not have been tolerated. This mask says that you long for THAT America. You feel the urgency to re-establish it. And you'll work hard for it. With your heart. And with your vote.

Blue Dot MAAA Mask (Non-medical)

  • *Navy blue fabric printed in white, red and blue

    *100% cotton knit (2 layers)

    *Soft, comfortable, breathable

    *One size fits most

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