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If it sounds a little like something from an action-packed, good-vs-evil Marvel movie, it's because. well, that's pretty much where we are. Every historian, every pundit, every living past-president (except one) agrees that the upcoming mid-term elections will make or break us as a Democracy. And as much as Democrats like to quibble, there's never been a more important time for us to do as the Beatles recommended a while back. #ComeTOGETHER. Help spread the word like wildfire. Keep yourself reminded and encourage the others. We know you're tired. But the foes of democracy never seem to be. Take heart. Get the symbol that declares you have one. And prepare to set it ablaze.


FREE Shipping!

Blue Dots "Come Together" 3-Pack

  • As always, a portion of sales of each set of these stickers is being donated equally between the DCCC (to help elect Dem members of Congress) and the DSCC (to help get a critical majority of Dem Senators into office). Your purchase helps us do it!

  • 3.5" square stickers

    Made of  repositionable vinyl.

    Weather proof. 

    Peels up clean.

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