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"The Republican party ...[doesn't} have a clue about the power of American women,"

-President Joe Biden


During the Midterms this Nov 8, let's make sure they find out. And let's start by claiming it as "ROEvemeber", the month we show our fury over the loss of a half century of rights, when a right-wing SCOTUS overtured Roe v Wade. This is the sticker perfect for the times. For men, women, every gender, every age. For everyone who agrees that the far right has gone way too far. And that it's time for us all to reclaim our VERY personal freedoms.

*repositionable, weatherproof vynil

*3.5" square

*red background obscured by large Blue Dot rolling to the left

*FREE Shipping!


Part of proceeds donated to Dem US Senate candidates in 5 states.


ROEvember's Coming Sticker 2-Pack

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