Maybe it was the heavy-handed GOP-led SCOTUS plan for forced pregnancy. Or maybe it was the domestic-terrorist shooting of elderly African Americans in Buffalo. Or the unthinkable tragedy of 10-year-olds massacred in a mass shooting in Texas. Or perhaps it's the broiling temparatures continuing unabated across the globe and the nation. Or hell, maybe it's just Ted Cruz's face...Whatever the Republican atrocity, Blue Dots in red Amerca have been sent to the brink. And we cannot wait to pull the trigger in voting booths across the country this year. How about you? If you're with us, show it with the very cool new tee-shirt. From a distance it reads as a call to action. Up close, it's an eager little confession. Get yours and get (and share) the feeling, NOW!

Width, in17.9920.0021.9723.9825.9827.99
Length, in27.9928.9830.0030.9831.9732.99
Sleeve length, in8.238.508.749.029.259.49


"Can't Wait to Damn VOTE" BBD Tee