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The Bright Blue Dot was created by Joellyn Beckham in 2006, when

she and a professional partner launched the women-owned business. She fondly remembers handing the stickers out in the parking lot of a (then-just-a-comedian) Al Franken performance at a local venue to gauge how people responded. “Oh, they responded. And still do now. Bigly,” says Beckham with a grin. The unapologetically progressive entrepreneur now runs the political bumper sticker venture solo,

from home in one of the reddest states on the planet. The business continues to boom, she says. “Since the last election, I’ve had to move to the operation to an even bigger bedroom…”

Blue Dots in the New York Times


Bright Blue Dots:
Simple Symbols.
Super Strong Impact.
Blue Dots Build Camaraderie
No one should be made to feel isolated by his or her NON-right-wing views. When Dots spot other Dots—especially in the reddest parts of the country—we realize ours is not a lone voice in the wilderness. The more Dots we see, the more we feel strengthened, heartened—and motivated to kick it up a notch with our own activism. And our determination to make a difference at the polls.

Blue Dots Start Conversations
In these divisive times, Blue Dots are a POSITIVE way to show your true colors. The stickers don’t offend. They don't start arguments. They most often go under the radar. But they can pique curiosity. They often do start conversation. And every chat that might ensue in grocery store, school, brewpub, synagogue or church parking lots can be a start toward healthy discourse. And we all know nothing will ever change until that discourse is begun.

Blue Dots Make Contributions
Since the beginning in 2006, a portion of online sales has
been donated to national progressive causes and U.S. presidential candidates. During off-election years, donations amount to approximately 20-25% of sales. During election year 2016, between 50 and 60% of sales were donated to the Deomcratic presidential candidate and to organizations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center, the ACLU, National Resources Defense Council and Emily's List. Individuals may not feel their small donations can help. But banding together with others when Dot purchases are made gives a little more power to us all.

And of course, by offering substantial discounts to progressive groups and organizations to use for fundraising, we try to give back at the local level, too.

So, come on and join us! It’s easy. Order your Dots. Start making a difference NOW!
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