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GOP Senators have proven that the ONLY way they'll ever act is if we make loud,  long-lasting noise. If we want common-sense gun laws on the books to keep Americans safe at school, at the market, at houses of worship, we have to keep the subject front and center. This is the sticker that does just that. And at the same time shuts down same ol' sad and disproven trope that it takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with one. Because in our hearts, we all know that the ONLY answer is to keep the bad guys from ever getting—or keeping—a gun, with red-flag laws, background checks, waiting periods and plain old, common sense .

*Simple statement printed black red and blue on white

*Matte vinyl. Repositionable, weather and sun proof.

*7" W X 3"H

*2 per order


2-Pack "Bad Guy with a Gun" Stickers

SKU: 70
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