..."another bright blue dot in a really red state"
The BEST (and the ORIGINAL) way for Progressives/Democrats in conservative states to find each other AND connect! Join thousands across the country who are finding that it's THE fresh, fun new Democratic symbol perfect for both Blue Dog Democrats AND Yellow Dog Democrats!


Alternate versions "...in a temporatily red state" & "...in a temporarily red country"

Perfect for optimistic souls living in parts of the country that are purple-ish and lucky dogs residing where it's downright bright blue!

"Seeing another Blue Dot on the road ALWAYS makes me smile". Jason B, Pensacola, FL

3-Pack "another bright blue dot..." Stickers

  • Set of 3 stickers (all 3, the same version)

    3.5" X 3.5" square

    Removable/Repositionable PROGRESSIVE Political Bumper Stickers